A Long Road Ahead

Today was attempt #2 for my Super Mario World speedrun.  The first thing that is immediately noticeable is the improved setup for recording.  I’ve managed to figure out a lot more about OBS, and I’ve found a wonderful timer that is usually used for speedruns.  I’ll have to look into setting it up to have splits in the future.  Finally, I’ve acquired a microphone that isn’t garbage, so you can actually hear me.

The other thing that you may notice is that I was actually slower this time.  This is due to a couple of things.  For one, it just wasn’t my best day.  More telling, however, is that there were a number of mistakes due to trying new things.  As this is a fairly well-known speedrunning game, there is a lot of information available online.  Over the past week, I have picked up a number of tricks to make the run faster.  In this run, I screwed up a couple of times with those.

As it stands, my time for this run sits at 1:05:11.


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