Goal #1 Achieved!

Well, the first goal I set for myself has been met; with a run time of 58:35, I’m finally under an hour.  You can see the full run here:

Aside from that, this week has been a lot of practicing, as well as watching videos of some of the faster runs.  You can watch them here, here, and here.  Unfortunately these videos are not as helpful as I would have hoped.  While they are certainly fast, they don’t necessarily explain what you need to do.  In this case, I just have to work to replicate what they do, which isn’t always easy.  I often find that I come up with an idea for how to replicate something in the middle of the night, which I then have to write down so that I remember.

From here, I’ll be trying to drop my time as much as possible. My next goal will be to break into the top 150 runs.  That means getting a time of under 49:11 as of writing this.


2 thoughts on “Goal #1 Achieved!

  1. Way to go on decreasing your runtime! When I first read it I thought you were going to be doin a marathon lol. The video is very long, maybe you could try doing a time lapse to shorten the video as it would be much easier to watch! You can create time lapses from regular videos with iMovie or if your don’t have a Mac, the internet has so many options! Keep it up Todd!


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