My First Twitter Chat

Yesterday, I engaged in my first twitter chat.  It was using the hashtag bcedchat, and involved a discussion of learner reluctance in the classroom.  The talk lasted for about an hour, and it was fairly fast, with conversation happening pretty constantly.  On the whole, I was able to answer each of the questions, and engage with several of the participants in side conversations.

While it was good to connect with other people in the education field, I found it really hard to be involved in the chat.  It seemed to be too fast-paced, and it was very stressful to keep up with the conversation.  As such, I will probably find it very difficult to continue being involved in future twitter chats, and I don’t think that I would ever consider using this in the classroom.


1 thought on “My First Twitter Chat

  1. I would suggest trying chats that involve smaller groups. I participated in the #2PencilChat and there were a small number of participants, making it a little easier to keep up with the questions. I still was unable to comment a lot, but could easily answer each question in time.


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