Cyber-Sleuthing Danica Fehr

For this week’s project, we were asked to work in groups, with each member looking up information on the other member.  I ended up working in a group of three, with me looking up Danica Fehr, and Jocelyn King looking up me.  As far as Danica, goes, I started with the pretty standard stuff.  She has a blog and twitter account for class.  From these, you can see all of the information that she has decided to share.  She likely comes from Melfort, as evidenced by her frequent usage of #ECE325MELFORT.  She enjoys the outdoors, as evidenced both by her writing and by the images she has selected.  In addition, her faith is an extremely important part of her life.

Moving away from her class-mandated internet presence, I was able to find her baptism video:

Several thing can be learned from this video.  From the attire of the officiant, Danica is protestant, and not Catholic or Anglican.  Furthermore, the full-immersion baptism is not something that is universally practiced.  From this, and the churches that are present in Melfort and common in Saskatchewan, Danica is either Baptist, Pentecostal, or Seventh-Day Adventist.  Unfortunately I was not able to narrow this down any further, as the video provides no evidence of her specific denomination, and neither does the account of the individual who created it.  On close examination of the video, one can see that Danica is married, as evidenced by her wedding ring.  Finally, as this video was published on November 23, 2017, one can assume that Danica was involved prior to this with AIESEC, specifically the Saskatoon branch.

Aside from this, it was very difficult to get any information on Danica.  She does not have either a Facebook or Instagram account, and reverse image searching all of her photos did not lead to any new results.  On the whole, Danica has done a very good job of keeping her online footprint contained.  She has carefully selected what will be shown, and all of it is positive.


1 thought on “Cyber-Sleuthing Danica Fehr

  1. Hi Todd. You did a really good job. Much of what you state is correct, and what is incorrect is close. I do not live in Melfort, but I am taking classes there. My faith is extremely important to me as well, and you are right that I belong to a protestant church. I go to an Alliance Church, so you did pretty good in that area. The outdoors is very important to me as well.
    I do have social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram, but there is not much content on either account.
    Had I given you my maiden name, you may have been able to find out more about extracurricular interests from when I was younger, but you did a great job with the information that you had.


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