Livesplit: Now with Splits!

Unfortunately I have been very sick over the past week, so practice was not happening as much as I would have liked.  Nonetheless, though the run run this week had several major mistakes, it was still only around 30 seconds slower.  Here is the run:

One thing you might notice immediately is that this run looks yet again quite different from the previous runs as far as format goes.  While I haven’t been able to learn and practice new techniques this week, I have been able to expand on Livesplit to better show the data for my speedruns.  In particular I have added in the splits that will be helpful for me going forward (and those that are used in competitive runs).  In order to do this, I found and made use of this wonderful video:

This video was very enjoyable to learn from.  The author is clear and concise, while also not rushing through the information.  I found that I was able to have Livesplit open while the video was running, and follow along in setting up Livesplit how I wanted.  I recommend giving it a watch if you ever want to work with Livesplit.

One final thing that I am going to mention.  If you are still unsure about what speedrunning actually is, and what it looks like in practice, there are a lovely series of videos out there that showcase the history of speedrunning various games.  Here is the one for Super Mario World (though admittedly not the category I am working with):

Next week, inching closer to 40:00!


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