Teaching Philosophy

For me, teaching is an extremely important profession; being given the task of educating the next generation is truly humbling. Throughout my work at the University of Regina, I have learned firsthand that any student is capable of achieving greatness and success, needing only the proper supports and encouragement. As an educator, I see this as my primary role within the classroom; to help and guide students in pursuit of their own successes, regardless of what those may be.

While some direct instruction is necessary, particularly in the earlier parts of the semester, I feel that the bulk of time within the classroom should be driven by the students. This would range from class debate and discussion to student driven, independent research. My presence within the classroom would primarily as a facilitator, providing a jumping off point for students, and giving assistance where it is needed to ensure that all students are successful. Most importantly, while students do need to learn the necessary course content, I feel that it is more important that students be able to apply this content to new and unfamiliar situations. Not only will this application aid their understanding,but it will also help in preparing students for life outside of the classroom.

It is also extremely important for me to create a safe and open classroom environment. I feel that it is essential for students to be able express themselves, and that without this component students will be less successful. As such, I will work hard to foster a culture of openness and inclusion within my classroom , both through the organization of space and through the class discussions that occur.

For me, it is also important to recognize that the needs of students will change over time, and will be different from class to class. As such, I will need to be constantly adapting my practice to accommodate my students, including familiarizing myself with new research in the field of education. While this profession is a difficult one, I feel that I am up to the challenge. More than that, teaching something that I truly love doing, and I want to bring that passion into the classroom.